Friday, May 30, 2008

Remix This...

Ok, it's sure been a while, but many things are to blame...the arrival of summer mostly, and probably some laziness on my part. I've had writers block, so sue me. Either way, I'm here once again (much to the excitement of a few people-mainly Terri) and I am ready to jump back on my goes the name of this blog.

So this entry will mainly be about things that shouldn't. Thats right. Just a short list of things I've compiled in my small but rather bloated head that I think deserve attention...or don't deserve it as it were. At this point, I've confused myself, but things will clear out in a'll all make sense.

On to the subject...things that are annoying (to me)...

Numero Uno (I can't believe I just used Spanish-thats against my of a sudden an idea for another creed!!). Never mind the Spanish...let me just stick to numbers.

1. Remixes: I have yet to hear a song remix that I like. The original song was fine, keep it that way. There is no need to release a "remix" of an already released song. They are all horrible mixes. Especially the ones that are put to dance music. Those are the worst. If I'd have wanted to hear "From this Moment" sung to the tune of "Rhythm is a Dancer" I'd have gone to...I don't know, wherever they play that. My point is, don't do it. Leave the song as is. It's especially annoying when an artist releases a whole album of nothing but remixed songs. Whats worse, is that when they do this, it usually means one of 2 things. Either that they are at the end of their career and there albums are no longer good, or that they are counting that as an album causing you the fan to have to wait another year or so before an actual "new" album is released. JUST SAY NO TO REMIXES.

2. 99.9% of Cover Songs: Ok...I know I'm going back some years, but John Michael Montgomery's version of "I Swear" was fine. And original. I didn't need Boys to Men to cover it. Thats just an example, but 99.9 % of song covers are horrible. Here is a thought...why don't you be original and SING YOUR OWN SONGS. If you don't have the talent to write a song, and nobody will write one for you, GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS. There are a few notable exceptions, but for the most part, covers stink.

3. Say "Thank You": When I am driving down the road/interstate and you are having a hard time getting over, and I am nice enough to slow down to let you over, at least give a "thank you" wave. It's common courtesy. There....short but sweet.

4. Dogs jumping: If I come to visit, and you have a dog, under no circumstances is it ok to allow the dog to jump all over me...or any other visitor for that matter. Train your dog to be somewhat civil. It's not hard. It's called a smack on the nose and a "NO NO". Trust me they get the picture-I have two (dogs not pictures.) Kudo's by the way to my friend Hayden who has a well behaved dog. Way to go Nala!

5. Don't overdo it: I just got back from lunch. I went to the McFast Food place, and ordered a chicken sandwich, only Mayo. That means only mayonaise. No problem there, except that they put enough mayo on my sandwich to coat the entire population of a small country. (yuk). This is an ongoing problem at EVERY fast food joint. If you get the sandwich as is with no changes, its fine, but as soon as you order only mayo or only ketchup, they feel that since thats all your getting on your sandwich, they need to overcompensate you with the condiment you are getting. WRONG. This is the most annoying thing in the world. I oder my Krystals with Mustard only. What do I get? I get a mustard sandwich with a slight burger taste. I order my burgers with ketchup only. What do I get? I get a ketchup sandwich with a slight taste of a burger. Same with the chicken sandwich mentioned above. Dear McFast Fooders; Cool it with the condements. Really.

Well folks (or just Terri who may be my only fan), I'm outta here for today, but I promise...more entry's soon. I'm back in the swing of things now. The things above are just things that have really gotten to me this week as I drive around town, and ate and went to peoples houses. I'm pretty sure they are shared sentiments though.

More to come...keep checking back!!