Friday, June 26, 2009


Hello my friends!! It's been quite a while (46 days and counting I believe...thanks for noticing Carrie). Either way, I thought I'd give you all something to read...I know, I really need to get on here and write more. It seems like when I was busy all the time, I had a lot to write about, but now that I'm not as busy and I have more time to write, nothing comes to mind. Strange...
So I'm just going to have a "random thoughts" post here...a blog-o-rama of sorts and just leave my thoughts on some random things...all for your enjoyment of course.

*Michael Jackson...hate that the guy died, and hate that he is probably burning in hell right now, but what I hate the most is the fact that we are not going to be able to turn on the tv, radio or computer for weeks without hearing about it. Much like what happened when Anna Nicole Smith died. You see, when people such as Michael Jackson pass away, the media begin to treat them like they are gods. It's really quite sickening. They seem to get more press than people who actually matter and who actually have a positive impact on the world. I think of people like the Pope, Mother Theresa, certain past US presidents...all people who have left this world a better place that when they got here. It's a shame that the people who give so little to society, get so much attention when they pass, compared the the people who give so much back. It's just a sad state of affairs, and unfortunately it's what our country has turned into.

*Lucky...So I finished mowing the yard Wednesday night and when I looked down, I realized I had mowed over a tiny baby bunny. He was about half the size of the palm of my hand. The most adorable thing I'd ever seen. I couldn't find a rabbit hole, or it's mother, so I took it in, and I am currently trying my best to raise the little guy to be a good, responsible adult! Since Wednesday night, I have been bottle feeding the little guy and hoping he makes it. He seems ok at this point so far, but I've only had him for 3 days. From what I hear, most of the time, these little ones rarely make it away from their mother longer than a week, but I'm hoping to beat the odds with the little guy. He's a pretty cool bunny...likes to sniff and explore...still hasn't gotten the whole "hopping" thing down yet, but he's working on it. Wish him luck and good health!!

*Baby Parker...Olivia and baby are doing well!! Just getting ready to hit tri-mester #3! We have a Dr. appt. on July 1st and then just 3 short months till the little guy arrives. If you haven't heard it yet, we have decided on a name for the little guy. We've decided on Kyden Isaiah...we both fell in love with the name and we hope you all do as well. For some reason, though, everyone seems to think it's pronounced "Kayden", but it's not. It's in Ki-den. We are super thrilled about him and can't wait to meet him. Olivia has a web site set up where she updates her and the babies status and there is also a cool guest book you can should check it out!! The URL is:

*Jon and Kate...if any of you continue to watch and/or support that show, shame on you. A sad example of the exploitation of children. The only people I feel for is the kids and it's sad to know that they will grow grow up no doubt being scared for's more than enough that they have to have parents who don't love one another, but these kids are also having to live out this nightmare on telivision in front of millions. It's sad that these parents are making fame and fortune more of a priority than their own children.

Well, that about does it for now...out of time...I know I keep putton off my blog, but hopefully I can update it more often. I'm gonna make it a goal to update once a week...keep checking back and I look forward to your comments!! God bless!!