Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay, they come out at about this time every year and the wannabe's annoy the hec out of me. I call them the Lance Armstrongies. I'm sure you’ve seen them...they are bicycle riders. Now sure, bicycle riders are out year-round, but this is a different crop of riders if you will. Every year, you see a specific group of guys (and some gals) who don tight yellow or blue spandex jersey tops and tight spandex bike shorts and ride their bikes all around Gods creation, doing their best to look cool. It's just annoying. This "movement" if you will, only lasts about a month while the Tour De France is being ran and maybe a week or two after, but when they are out riding, I just want throw things at them. There is no point in it.
Now I know that some people actually participate in bicycle marathons and races locally, and that is one thing, but to see Joe six pack (Thanks Sarah) with his bald head and beer gut, wearing a spandex outfit, on a rail thin bike, is a bit much.
Furthermore, I would expect more from adults. I can understand children doing this...after all, what child doesn't want to immitate their childhood hero? It's what kids do. Hec, when I was young, I wanted to put on a football jersey, and go outside and act like I was Joe Montana. The problem here is, that we are talking about adults. You know what...if the Tour De France awakes some sort of "inner cyclist" in you, then fine...pull your old schwinn out of storage, air up the tires, and go on your merry way. But please...PLEASE do not feel the need to become a Lance Armstrongie and don a yellow or blue spandex top and tight spandex shorts. Leave the role playing to kids...I think it's great that you are a big fan, but please act your age...otherwise, you look like a dodo and trust me...nobody is buying your act.