Friday, December 3, 2010

My Thoughts on Adoption

Take a moment to put yourself in the following scenario:

You were born to a single mother who died giving birth to you. There were no family members to take you in, so you were put in foster care 1 week after you were born.

For 5 years, you were in and out of foster care, never spending longer than a year with the same foster parents.

Each and every time you move to a new home, you watch the children in the neighborhood around you come and go from their home, where their mother makes their lunch for them ever day, tells them stories and cleans their scrapes and cuts, and their father takes them fishing, or camping, or just tosses a ball back and forth with them in the yard. You watch the hugs they get from their parents after a long day at work or school, and you see the relationship they have with their siblings. It makes you sad, as you often wonder what it's like to have "real" parents who love you and don't just throw you back into the system whenever they please. You wonder what it's like to have parents who would take care of you not just because they are getting extra money from the state to do so, but because they love you. You hold on to a glimmer of hope that one day, a man and a woman might come and choose you to be their love, to tell stories to, to throw the ball with. "One day it will happen" you think to yourself as you stare down at your torn shoes.

One day, a visitor from the state shows up, and advises that there is a couple who are interested in adoption. They are interested in spending some time with you to see if there is a chance you could be the one they need to complete their family. You are overcome with much so you could almost shout. You spend the days leading up to the visit, not being able to sleep, or think about anything else other than the thought of having an actual family who will love you and care for you. You are beside yourself with excitement. The big day comes, and your social worker picks you up, and lets you know that you will be spending the day at the house of the couple who are interested.

You are nervous...and excited. You are nervous because you are worried you won't make a good enough impression on them, and excited at the possibilities that lay ahead. You arrive, and experience something you've never felt before. The family treats you like their own. You have conversations with them, telling them all your likes, and dislikes, and how much you want a mommy and daddy who love you. The woman tells you stories, and her husband takes you out back to toss the's everything you've ever wanted, and it is right there within your grasp. Before you know it, you're fun filled day of excitement is over, and the social worker is back to pick you up and take you back to your foster home. She tells you that there is something that the family is working out, but that you should know something within a few days, and if all goes well, hopefully you will move in with them and finally become part of a new family.

The next few days go by slower than any days you have ever experienced. Again, you are excited, and nervous all at the same time. Then comes the phone call. The social worker is calling to let you know that the family has chosen to pass on you and that you'll be staying in foster care. "Why?" you ask shocked and rejected, wondering what might be wrong with you.  The social worker then explains that the "thing" the family was trying to work out was actually a decision on whether or not to adopt you, or adopt an orphan from another country. They chose the latter, choosing instead to adopt a child from Indonesia.

Now, if you were the child in this story, how might you be feeling right now? Hurt? Rejected? Angry? Sad? Depressed? Hopeless?

Unfortunately this is becoming a more and more common occurrence. When Hollywood got involved (see: Angelina Jolie among others), adopting a foreign child started becoming more popular, not only in Hollywood, but in mainstream America as well. You started seeing people adopt foreign born children, and treat them more like an accessory than an actual child. Having an adopted child from another country has even become somewhat of a status symbol, with many people trying to brag about what "good and compassionate" people they are because they "rescued" this foreign child. It gives them a chance to snub their noses at everyone else as if to say "look at me...look what I did." A sure sign that it is more of a fad than anything else, is a conversation I had with a girl I once knew. She was in college, and every time I was around her, she wanted to point out to everyone in the room that when she got out of college and got married, she was going to adopt, but that she wasn't going to adopt just "any baby"...she was going to adopt an Asian baby. When asked why she wanted an Asian baby, her only response was that she just thought it would be "neat" to have an Asian baby.

Now...nothing against Asian children, or Indonesian children, or any other child for that matter, but my point is, that there are too many orphaned children in America for people to adopt foreign children. While the "fad" of adopting a foreign child as an "accessory" seems to be all the rage, especially in Hollywood, people need to realize that millions of American children are sitting helplessly with no one to love them. They would do anything...ANYTHING for a loving family and it's a travesty that some people would rather ignore them for a child in another country. Whats worse, is that those adopting foreign children are in many instances the same ones who are screaming about how America needs to take care of it's own less fortunate instead of worrying about giving aid to people in other countries. Talk about speaking from both sides of your mouth. They want to scream and yell about how we aren't taking care of our own down and out, but then they turn around and spend their money on adopting a foreign child, with which they will essentially use as nothing but a status symbol or fashion accessory, all the while ignoring the orphaned children in their own if a child from another country is somehow "better." 

Now, and I saying that all foreign adoptions are bad? No. I believe there are some instances where it is an acceptable practice, however for the most part, as long as there are neglected, unloved and orphaned children in America, they need to be our priority when we think about adoption. Not only do I believe that they need to be our priority, I believe it's the right thing to do. Always have...always will-reason being is because I myself was adopted. My parents could have chosen a child from overseas, and if they would have, who knows where I may have ended up. Fact of the matter is, they didn't choose that route. They chose to adopt a American child...and because of that decision, at least one American orphan received a loving home, that he didn't have to begin with, for whatever reason that may have been.

For those of you considering adoption, please at least take this into consideration when making your choice. I've heard some people say that one reason people choose to adopt from another country is because it's easier than adopting a child in America. Well, there are alot of easier ways to go about lots of things, but the easy way is not always the right way. Would it not be worth it for the extra effort to rescue an American child from a life of growing up in the system, and never knowing what "real love" really is? I think it is well worth it.

Will this post anger some people? Yea...I'm sure it will. Will I lose some friends because of my viewpoint on this? I hope not, but I guess if I lose a friend over it, it wasn't that good of a friend to begin with. But I'm ok with that. I make no apologies for my strong feelings on this matter. If you disagree, fine...we can just agree to disagree because I will not argue with someone on why adopting a foreign child might be better than adopting an American child. If there were a small amount of children in America that were orphaned, It would be different, but as long as there are as many as there are, there is no argument that will sway me. You wanna say something about taking care of our own as a country? Put your money where your mouth is.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New blog arrives!

Hello all! I just wanted to put a quick update on here and let you know that by Wednesday morning, my new blog should be up and running! Keep in mind, this one isn't going anywhere...I'll still write on here, and keep things up to date, but this new blog will be taking a different direction, as it will be keeping up with current events, politics and general issues on a national and state level. It will feature articles, and posts by myself, and by a friend of mine of like mind, Brian Witt.

The new blog, will be titled "Red, White and Blue: Crystal Clear Thoughts on Today's America"

Some of you may be asking why I'm doing this. The long and short of things is this: I am legitimately worried about the America that my son will grow up in. Our country is in the worst shape it's ever been in, and the very freedoms that so many of our men and women have fought and died for, are under attack. Things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, state sovereignty, and many others. I am resolved to do everything in my power to make this country a better country for not only myself, but also for my family, friends, and my own children. I feel we are at a place in our country, where if we don't fight for what is right, and if we don't fight for the freedoms that our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution provides us, then we will lose them. We deserve better, our children deserve better, and those brave soldiers who gave their lives for the very freedoms that are being destroyed deserve more.
If I can use a quote I heard the other day..."America as we know it is burning, and too many people are standing around watching, rather than trying to put it out." Well, I intend to jump in with both feet. I'm not sure what direction I'll go, or what my future holds, but my new blog will be the beginning...from there, I'll go where God leads me. I pray that you will do the same.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll join me in my new blog adventure...and again, no worries about this'll still be around, but it will be minus the political stuff. I'll save that for my new blog...I hope you'll check it out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Real American Hero

Every day, millions of Americans, all across the country, wake up, eat breakfast and go to work.
Every day, millions of Americans, all across the country, worship God freely in their homes, their communities, and their churches.
Every day, millions of Americans, all across the country, take their children outside to play.
Every day, millions of Americans, all across the country, take their families to movies, dinners, entertainment venues, churches, amusement parks and sporting events.
Every day, fathers across America, take their little boys fishing, hunting, camping and hiking.
Every day, mothers across America, take their little girls shopping, to parties, and to plays.
Every day, families sit with each other around the supper table, hold hands, and thank God for their day, their health, and their meal.
Every day, millions of mothers and fathers across America answer the question “why” to their little children, whos minds are growing every day.
Every day, millions of Americans, all across the country, are free to speak without fear of being arrested or detained for their point of view.
Every day, millions of Americans, all across the country, lay their heads down at night, to a peaceful sleep, knowing that they live in a country, that is a safe country, a strong country, and a just country.

Every day, millions of Americans, all across the country, go through the motions of their daily lives, as mentioned above, but most forget that men and women just like them, gave the ultimate sacrifice-their lives, so that you, me and every other American in the land can live in a free country, and enjoy the everyday things that most take for granted. They gave up those freedoms, so you and I could have them instead. Men and women who had families to provide for…men and women who had children waiting in anticipation for mommy or daddy to come home…they had families, mothers, fathers, wives, and children, all of whom loved them beyond all measure. These were the men, and women who gave their lives without question for a cause. A cause that is still as just today, as it was yesterday, and will still be as just 100 years from now. These men and women died for something they believed in. An ideal that stated that every man was born equal, and endowed by God with unalienable rights, that included life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They believed in Freedom-freedom from oppression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to live their lives as they see fit. Those ideals are still alive and well in America today, because those men and women gave their all to ensure that future generations enjoyed those very same freedoms. Many parents lost children. Many wives lost husbands, and husbands, wives. Many children waited in vain for a mommy or daddy that would never come home. It was because of those sacrifices made, that we live in the country we live in today. Those soldiers believed in something bigger than themselves, and they fought for it tooth and nail, many of them gave their life for you, and for me.

This Memorial Day, families and friends will gather together for cookouts, get-togethers and parties. You and I will no doubt most likely be among those groups. While we enjoy the company of our friends and families, and while we enjoy the company of our parents, and our children, let us all keep in mind the men and women who will be missing family members this Memorial Day. Let us not forget to remember those who gave their all, so that we could be with the ones we love. If you know someone who has lost a loved one fighting for our freedoms, invite them over...many of them have lost loved ones, and have nobody to celebrate with. Give them a place to come, and honor their loved ones who have given their lives. Many children have lost their parents, and many men and women have lost their spouses. Let them know that their loved ones are heros, and thank them for the sacrifice they’ve given. If you know someone who has risked his or her life fighting for our freedom, thank them. They can’t be thanked enough. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today, much less, enjoying the life we all take for granted way too often. To all Veterans, past and present, and to all active members of the American military, thank you. Thank you for your courage, strength, and resolve. Thank you for your belief in the ideals that make America the great nation she is, and thank you for your willingness to protect those ideals with your life. You truly are the real American Heros.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New Direction...

This post will be short and sweet. I just want to make an announcement that here in the next few days, I will be creating a new worries for those fans of this blog, it will still be here and I'll still update it periodically, but I will be starting another one that deals more with current events, current issues facing the country, and politics.
Some of you may be asking why I'm doing this. The long and short of things, are this: I am legitimately worried about the America that my son will grow up in. Our country is in the worst shape it's ever been in, and the very freedoms that so many of our men and women have fought and died for, are under attack. Things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, state soverignty, and many others. I am resolved to do everything in my power to make this country a better country for not only myself, but also for my family, friends, and my own children. I feel we are at a place in our country, where if we don't fight for what is right, and if we don't fight for the freedoms that our Declaration of Independance and our Constitution provides us, then we will lose them. We deserver better, our children deserve better, and those brave soldiers who gave thier lives for the very freedoms that are being destroyed deserve more.
If I can use a quote I heard the other day..."America as we know it is burning, and too many people are standing around watching, rather than trying to put it out." Well, I intend to jump in with both feet. I'm not sure what direction I'll go, or what my future holds, but my new blog will be the beginning...from there, I'll go where God leads me. I pray that you will do the same.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll join me in my new blog adventure...and again, no worries about this'll still be around, but it will be minus the political stuff. I'll save that for my new blog.
God bless you, and God bless America.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Soapbox...

Well, the web address of this blog says it all…”Philips Soapbox”…and that is exactly what I’ll be doing today- climbing atop my soapbox and letting loose with a rant…it’s been a while. I had an older blog that is now gone the way of the dinosaur, and it was pretty much all rants, as opposed to this blog, which is pretty much a mixture of a lot of stuff. It’s not that I haven’t had things to rant about, it’s just that my wife pointed out to me, that my blog always seemed to be negative and I needed to try to be more positive about things, and she was right, so I scrapped the old “negativity” blog and started this one. Oh, I’ve had things to rant about lately, especially with the “obamesssiah” marring up the White House beyond recognition, I have just chosen to “avoid” those topics, and focus on more positive things. However, I feel that at this point in time, I need to rant. I won’t make a huge habit of it, but I feel this is something that requires the undivided attention of the American public. With that said, I’ll begin…

On March 4, the LA Times broke a story about Obama trying to bring in new immigration reform. Rather than basically re-write the entire article, I’ll give it to you in short form. The basis of the bill, would include a path toward citizenship for the more than 15 million people living in the States illegally. “Undocumented (see illegal scum) workers” would have to “register”, pay taxes and pay a “penalty” for violating the law. Failure to do this MIGHT result in deportation. In other words, Obama wants to grant citizenship to the almost 15 million illegal aliens in the U.S. Then, if they don’t “register” or “pay taxes” then they MIGHT…get deported, but it’s not a sure thing. If this doesn’t make your blood boil, I’m not sure what will. These people will not even have to take part in the normal citizenship requirements, which is a travesty.

In order to be a “legal” citizen by the actual law, you have to meet certain requirements, hardly any of which ANY illegal can meet. You have to be fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed. You have to be able to read, write and speak English and have a good knowledge and understanding of United States history and government. You are tested on up to 10 civic questions (in English) and have to have a passing grade. You have to me of good moral character, and if you are found to be lying during your interview, you can be turned down for not having good moral character. You have to agree with the principles of the Constitution and have a favorable view of America and you must be willing to defend the United States and our Constitution. Lastly, you have to complete an oath of allegiance to the United States. Pretty much each and every one of these requirements would be impossible for any illegal to meet (which is why I’m sure the president is not making them complete them). Problem is, there are thousands who are IN LINE to become U.S. citizens legally, by doing it the right way-by the law. To pass this legislation, would be to reward those who have broken the law, and in turn, punish those who are doing it the right way. This would be wrong on so many levels. These are crooks, criminals and in many cases, the lowlife scum of the earth. If Obama goes through with this, it would only worsen the rape of our borders, our language and our culture. There is already an all out assault on our country, and this would only worsen things, and cement Obama in history as one of the greatest detriments to America and all she stands for.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m all for immigration, as long as it’s done the correct way. After all, we are a nation of immigrants. It’s what started this country, and it’s what makes this country great. It’s what makes America the “land of opportunity.” However, I have no room or time whatsoever for illegals. They are lowlife scum and forgive my frankness, but they are raping our society as we know it. Want proof? Check these statistics out…if they don’t make your blood boil, nothing will.*Three quarters of the cocaine and one half of all the heroin consumed in America enter the country across the U.S., Mexico border*Illegal Aliens (Mexicans) are killing our economy. In 2003 alone (and trust me, it’s gotten worse since then), they sent over 13 Billion dollars back into Mexico making it the 3rd largest source of revenue in the Mexican economy trailing only oil and manufacturing. Those numbers have since risen.*Supplying medical aid to illegals in the border states (TX, AZ, NM) are costing the hospitals in those areas over 200 million dollars a year. Those hospitals that can pay, pay, but those hospitals that can't are forced to close their doors. That equates to less hospitals for those actual citizens who are in need. *According to the U.S. Border Patrol, of the 37,000 captured illegal aliens in the Tucson Arizona sector, 7,500 were not even from Mexico, but from terrorist sponsoring countries. Stats also say that out of every 5 illegals, only one is caught, leaving the other 4 to permeate into the country. *According to "TIME" magazine, 190,000 illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico have melted into the population. This was only in the first 9 months of 2004. More have seeped in now. They come from countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua, Russia, China, Egypt, Iran and Iraq.*4 out of every 10 prisoners in our prisons are illegal aliens. This cost taxpayers in excess of 2.1 billion dollars a year. *As of 1996, it cost about 8 Billion dollars a year just to provide a primary education for illegal aliens at the federal, state and local levels. (Who pays this bill? The Mexican government? Sorry Senor, you and I do.)*Each year, 65,000 undocumented (i.e. illegal aliens) students graduate from our high schools. (YOU pay for their education)*There are between 15 and 20 Million illegal aliens already living inside the U.S.*Over 3 million illegal aliens cross into America a year. At 3 million per year, you can see how our culture is becoming affected. (Also if 3 million illegal aliens can cross into our country untouched, is it so hard to believe that drug traffickers and terrorists could do the same thing?)*The following is what illegal aliens and their children are costing American taxpayers on an annual basis, just at the federal level: -2.1 Billion to lock up illegals in our prisons -2.5 Billion in Medicare -2.2 Billion in uninsured medical costs -1.4 Billion in federal aid to schools -1.9 Billion in food stamps, WIC and free school lunches--Now after reading that, the next time you get paid, take a long hard look at your paycheck. Focus on the part that says "Federal Income Tax Withheld" (That’s the money that you earn but don't get to keep). Then remember this: A portion of the cash the government has taken from your wallet is paying for this 10 Billion dollar per year handout. Throw this on top of the fact that just a few years ago, the Mexican Congress approved a bill (This happened on 4/28/06) decriminalizing (legalizing) the possession of small amounts of marijuana. (for personal use). Friends, this has to stop. This only the tip of the iceberg. What’s bad is that while there are plenty of Americans incensed about this, not enough of them are being vocal! Not long ago, there was a huge outcry over illegal immigration, that has since died down. Why? Now, here we are at a point, where everyone has forgotten about it, and it’s made of a perfect opportunity for Obama and his pack of rats to push through a piece of legislation that would further rape our borders, language and culture. It’s a slight of hand move…all the talk is on the healthcare crisis, and this will (hopefully not) slide by without much notice. Hopefully some of the above can help remedy that and hopefully, some people will start to take notice and stop this before it gets any further. I've said this to people before and I'll say it again- people (you included) need to get off the couch every once and a while and do something. Let the leaders of this country know that you aren't going to take this crap anymore! They need to hear voices. To many people are just sitting back without a care in the world and what’s worse, is that haven’t a clue. This affects ALL of us. Not just those who pay attention. This will affect not only you, but it will affect the America you’re kids grow up in. What kind of country do we want pass on to our children? One that embraces this madness? One that teaches English as a second language? If we don't do something soon, Americans will be a minority in this country and the land will be overrun with Mexicans. It's time to put our foot down and stomp this problem out.

What America needs to do, is demand that Obama and his socialist cronies stand up for our country rather than degrade it and apologize for it. I believe immigration will be one of the defining issues of our time. It’s time America demanded REAL national security from the administration. First and foremost, that means we need to CLOSE OUR BORDERS. We also need to protect our language. That means ENGLISH. For those of you that haven't heard, not long ago, they recorded a Spanish version of our national anthem. ANSWER ME THIS: Do Americans still know what flag they live under?? The UN flag? The rainbow flag? The Mexican flag? The red or the blue flag? Each of those flags I just mentioned are now equally displayed in too many places across our great country. What nation can even think about holding together and staying united when our voting ballots are printed in so many different languages. (That’s it again if you thought you didn't see what you really did.) “United we stand” can’t be accomplished if we can’t even understand each other.

It's high time all you people out there get off your duffs and start realizing the direction we as a country are heading. Hec, all you have to do to get an idea or example is to pick up the phone and dial any business, go to any local store, or bank or ATM or what have you. You will find the same common denominator at all those places. "Press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish." What?? Where does it end? Now all the signs in all of our stores have messages in Spanish in addition to having them in English. Turn on your TV set. What do you see on the news? (No, I'm not talking about Smallville, or American Idol, or whatever other lame source of entertainment you may watch...I'm talking about the actual news. The what’s what of what is going on in our great America.) What do you see? Mexicans. Illegal ones, waving there Mexican flag in our streets and in our cities claiming that they are America and they have rights too. What? Rights? Since when pray tell did anyone give them rights? OF course, that is what Obama is trying to do now. Excuse my French, but HELL NO. They are criminals. They don't even have a right to be in this country. If they want to be "American" then they need to start waving the American flag. By the way, for all you who don't know, the national language in this Country is ENGLISH. Not Spanish. Not Indian. Not Arabic. ENGLISH. English is the language that America does business by. It’s the language we live by. If these parasites are going to come into our country, the least they could do is respect the culture of our nation. But they don't. They want to turn it into "North Mexico...the land formerly known as America." That’s not all, if things keep going the way they are, it just may happen, and Obama isn’t helping with this free for all legislation. What do you think will happen, once they hear that America is about to legalize all the illegals? Let me tell you what will happen…there will be an influx of illegal immigrants upon this country, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Everyone will want their piece of the pie. Thank the Liberals on the left for that. Their "tolerance" is sickening. They like to scream about how everyone has rights. No they don't. If you are here legally, and you are an AMERICAN citizen, then we will talk about rights. But until then, these dirty, filthy, parasites have nothing but the right to be boxed up and sent back to their cess pool of a country. If they want to be here, fine, but there is a right way to go about it. Did you hear that OBAMA…a RIGHT WAY. Learn the language, come here legally, and do it the right way…OR GET OUT.

Folks, it's just going to get worse and worse unless something is done about it. Did you know that every day, during the school year, hundreds of thousand Mexican children cross the borders illegally to go to school in the US? Border control agents can't do anything about it because they are not "allowed" to detain children. Your tax dollars (and mine) are paying for these kids to walk across the border get an education, and then walk back across into Mexico after the school day is over. That isn’t the whole of it though. Did you know that if a Mexican gets hurt trying to cross the border illegally, our hospitals are required to treat them for no charge. This nonsense costs our hospitals in the border states of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas over 2.2 billion dollars a year. The government doesn't pay for it. The hospitals have to swallow the cost. At what cost? It's gotten so bad that hospitals in those states are now having to close down because they do not have enough money to operate. All the money they have is going toward the 2.2 billion dollar bill that the Mexicans are racking up. I bet you didn't have a clue that Mexican AMBULANCES are actually bringing sick and injured Mexicans across the borders to our hospitals for care. Illegally. Again, hospitals are eating the costs and to top that off, the E.R.'s in those hospitals are having to turn away American citizens who need care and help because if they turn away the Mexicans, get this, the Mexican government and the illegal aliens can actually sue the hospital. Yea, that’s right. They win too. Check it out. An illegal Mexican was injured while trying to cross the border and when he was denied medical help, he sued the Arizona Government and won 1.2 million dollars. If that doesn't make you sick, something’s wrong with you. Or you are a liberal, same difference.
Friends, it's time for this to come to an end. Let’s make some noise about this. Get on the net. Write your senator or congressman. Heck, write the POTUS. While these sludge bags are waving their Mexican flags in our streets, we are sitting at home doing what? Watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, 24? How bout we quit sitting on our lazy butts and let’s get up and make a difference. I don't know about you, but I don't want my kids to grow up in an America that speaks Spanish or one that teaches in schools that sodomy is the "norm." Nor do I want them growing up in schools that make take God out of the pledge of allegiance or require them to become "Muslim" for 3 weeks...that’s a whole other blog in and of itself. Mark my words, it will happen. Unless we start a revolution…are you with me?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Thoughts and somewhat thoughtful ramblings

Here are some [very] random thoughts on the eve of my 30th birthday. (Which has unfortunately been approaching like a freight train now for the past 364 days.)

*Some people say that it is neat to turn 30 because you get to check a new “age group” box when filling out paperwork. I say hogwash. It’s just another reminder that you have left your 20’s behind and are now on the path to 40.

*Another reason 30 stinks is because of the realization that I am now closer to the age of 40 than I am to my high school graduation.

*I am leaving behind the most memorable decade of my life. While in my 20’s, I moved out of my parents house, I got married, I bought my first car, I bought my first house, I had my first child. I really don’t see the next 10 years beating that.

*So I’ve been watching the winter Olympics. It seems like there are only 5 or 6 winter Olympic sports but somehow they manage to draw it out for two weeks and still have something different on every night. Somewhat impressive.

*I’m struggling with the concept of Batman as a superhero. After all, superhero’s generally have powers don’t they? All Batman has is gadgets. Wouldn’t that make him more of a crime fighter? Why does he get grouped with Superhero’s?

*One of the local high schools mascots are the Smoky Bears. When their female teams play, they are referred to as the “Bearettes.” I hate this. Why not just be the Lady Bears…there is no such thing as “Bearette”. I hate terms like this. Call it what it is. You don’t see a news story about a person getting attacked by a Bearette do you? No, that would be gay. It should be “mamma bears” at worst, but I would just say to use the term Lady Bears.

*A Wal-Mart store in California has now begun charging its customers for plastic bags, in an effort to reduce the “global impact” they have. Hell no. If that idea spreads, I’ll be shopping elsewhere. Currently, a small bag will cost the customer .15 per bag, with a large bag costing .50 per. “Customers are encouraged to either bring their own bags, or purchase the recycled canvas bags that the store sells to environmentally conscious customers.” Again, Hell no.

*Pigeon Forge is getting ready to open up a Titanic Museum. The building is actually built to look like a smaller replica of the Titanic. It’s been announced that the “master of ceremonies” for the big opening event will be Regis Philbin. My thought? Regis must be hard pressed to come open a museum in Pigeon Forge that is probably doomed to failure like every other museum and theatre in the town that opens one year and closes the next. My thought is that if the museum closes, which I’m sure it will after a year or two, wouldn’t you think it would be hard to rent out a building that looks like a Titanic? You just wonder…

*Here’s a thought on what Hardees could do to improve their business: Since their “mascot” is a star (now seen on the side of the buildings almost everywhere these days), they should start selling star shaped hamburgers on star shaped buns. Now that would get people talking and would be a good way to bring in more customers. After all, they’ve been making their chicken strips into shapes for years. The burgers would be the natural progression. You know, on second thought…never mind. I still wouldn’t eat there.

*Why is it when they remake an 80’s or 70’s TV show, it always stinks? (See Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, etc) Same goes for when they take an old TV show and make it into a movie. I think I know why the movies don’t work…they are trying to make a 2 hour movie from a plot that is made for serial television and that doesn’t work because a weekly show gives us time to get to know the characters and get to like them, and learn what the show is about. In a movie, you don’t get that. As far as TV show remakes though, the problem usually, is that they make wholesale changes that are unnecessary. (See Knight Rider) Also, they seem to always have a habit of using some of the worst actors on the market (See Knight Rider). Until they can get all that stuff right, I’m afraid we’ll get much of the same, which is disappointing because I hear there is a Magnum P.I. movie coming down the pike…

*I think the fire lane at the grocery store, should have spike strips that only retract when an actual fire truck or other emergency vehicle needs to use the lane for an emergency. Every time I go to the store, cars are lined bumper to bumper from one end of the store to the other using the fire lane. I’ve always said that if I was a cop, I’d spend one day per week doing nothing but going around to the grocery stores and ticketing every single person who is parked in the fire lane. No excuse. I would love to see a fire truck plow them over one day trying to park for an emergency. Actually, I’d pay to see that.

*I’ve now been a dad for almost 5 months. I used to think that I wanted at least one boy and one girl, but I’m going to be honest with you, after having a boy for 5 months, I think I’d rather just have boys. Strange…either way, being a daddy is unlike anything in the world. Hard work, yes, but extremely rewarding. I am blessed.

*I haven’t blogged in a long while. This feels good. I really do need to do it more. (Blog…;)