Monday, June 23, 2008

Olympic Games

On August 8, all eyes will once again be on the Olympics as Bejing, China takes their turn at hosting the worlds greatest games.
Every 4 years, I find myself trying to find some Olympic sport that can hold my attention long enough to watch. Among the many events (302 events in 28 sports to be exact) there are a few that I find myself engrossed in despite the over abundance of "feel good stories" that go along with every event. Those are great by the way if there are one or two over the whole event, but it's almost every five minutes and you are seeing a back story of an athelete who overcame insurmountable odds to represent his or her country in the games. They do it so often that it's almost like they are making the stuff up. Here's a thought NBC...just about every one of us, has had to overcome something to make it where we are today. Pick a couple extra ordinary stories and go with them, but don't oversaturate the broadcasts with hundreds of feel good stories per night. It gets old.
Enough of that though...the point is, there are a few sports that I enjoy watching unfold, and here they are in no particular order...

1. Track and Field: This is the only time I will watch Track and Field. It's really the only time I care about it. It's neat yes, but for some reason, your normal run of the mill (no pun intended) track and field hold no meaning compared to the Olympics. I love watching the fasted people in the world race each other...I love seeing the pole vaulters, and I love the's just great fun!

2. Basketball (Mens): I'm intrigued by the USA team that has lost this event the past few times. It mezmorizes me every 4 years because it's amazing to see a team like ours with such talent squander away a win because the players don't know how to play as a team. They are all usually made up of stars who don't "play well with others" because in their own minds, they are each the "Star" of the team and therefore should be the teams "go to" player. Too many selfish USA players almost make me want to root for someone else who has a team of unselfish players. They also all think they can get away with not giving alot of effort. They just go with the mindset that they are the best no matter what, and they think they don't have to try and that attitude gets them beat in the end. I end up rooting for them in the end, but when they lose, I can't help but to have seen it coming.

3. Basketball (Womens): To me, Olympic wise, the women are much more fun to watch and much more easier to root for. It's because they play as a team and play hard without giving up. They may play below the rim and that may not be exciting for some, but it's neat to see a team work as a team and win.

(Basketball Side Note): I liked it much better when the USA basketball teams were comprised of college athletes, not pro's.)

4. Gymnastics (Women): Sue me. For some reason, and I don't know how they do it, NBC turns this event into the most dramatic thing I've ever seen. Once again, this is another event that I only watch one every 4 years. Like track and field, outside of the games, it just doesn't carry any meaning with me.

5. Diving (mens or womens): There is just something neat about people diving from really high up and making very little splash.

6. Soccer (mens or womens): My favorite sport on the plant. I'm a year round soccer fan and soccer match watcher. Don't even bother to talk to me or call me during a soccer match. Go USA!!

7. Beach Volleyball (women): Do they even have beach volleyball for men? If so, I don't watch for obvious reasons. The women look much better playing beach anything than men do. Aside from that, I'm not even sure this is a sport that needs to be at the olympics...I never hear about it any other time.

That about does it. These are about the only events you'll catch me watching. The rest of the time I try to figure out how table tennis made it to the olympics as a sport. I mean, isn't this just a basement/garage game? Whats next? Fooseball? Hopscotch?

Until then, catch you later!

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