Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Thoughts and somewhat thoughtful ramblings

Here are some [very] random thoughts on the eve of my 30th birthday. (Which has unfortunately been approaching like a freight train now for the past 364 days.)

*Some people say that it is neat to turn 30 because you get to check a new “age group” box when filling out paperwork. I say hogwash. It’s just another reminder that you have left your 20’s behind and are now on the path to 40.

*Another reason 30 stinks is because of the realization that I am now closer to the age of 40 than I am to my high school graduation.

*I am leaving behind the most memorable decade of my life. While in my 20’s, I moved out of my parents house, I got married, I bought my first car, I bought my first house, I had my first child. I really don’t see the next 10 years beating that.

*So I’ve been watching the winter Olympics. It seems like there are only 5 or 6 winter Olympic sports but somehow they manage to draw it out for two weeks and still have something different on every night. Somewhat impressive.

*I’m struggling with the concept of Batman as a superhero. After all, superhero’s generally have powers don’t they? All Batman has is gadgets. Wouldn’t that make him more of a crime fighter? Why does he get grouped with Superhero’s?

*One of the local high schools mascots are the Smoky Bears. When their female teams play, they are referred to as the “Bearettes.” I hate this. Why not just be the Lady Bears…there is no such thing as “Bearette”. I hate terms like this. Call it what it is. You don’t see a news story about a person getting attacked by a Bearette do you? No, that would be gay. It should be “mamma bears” at worst, but I would just say to use the term Lady Bears.

*A Wal-Mart store in California has now begun charging its customers for plastic bags, in an effort to reduce the “global impact” they have. Hell no. If that idea spreads, I’ll be shopping elsewhere. Currently, a small bag will cost the customer .15 per bag, with a large bag costing .50 per. “Customers are encouraged to either bring their own bags, or purchase the recycled canvas bags that the store sells to environmentally conscious customers.” Again, Hell no.

*Pigeon Forge is getting ready to open up a Titanic Museum. The building is actually built to look like a smaller replica of the Titanic. It’s been announced that the “master of ceremonies” for the big opening event will be Regis Philbin. My thought? Regis must be hard pressed to come open a museum in Pigeon Forge that is probably doomed to failure like every other museum and theatre in the town that opens one year and closes the next. My thought is that if the museum closes, which I’m sure it will after a year or two, wouldn’t you think it would be hard to rent out a building that looks like a Titanic? You just wonder…

*Here’s a thought on what Hardees could do to improve their business: Since their “mascot” is a star (now seen on the side of the buildings almost everywhere these days), they should start selling star shaped hamburgers on star shaped buns. Now that would get people talking and would be a good way to bring in more customers. After all, they’ve been making their chicken strips into shapes for years. The burgers would be the natural progression. You know, on second thought…never mind. I still wouldn’t eat there.

*Why is it when they remake an 80’s or 70’s TV show, it always stinks? (See Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, etc) Same goes for when they take an old TV show and make it into a movie. I think I know why the movies don’t work…they are trying to make a 2 hour movie from a plot that is made for serial television and that doesn’t work because a weekly show gives us time to get to know the characters and get to like them, and learn what the show is about. In a movie, you don’t get that. As far as TV show remakes though, the problem usually, is that they make wholesale changes that are unnecessary. (See Knight Rider) Also, they seem to always have a habit of using some of the worst actors on the market (See Knight Rider). Until they can get all that stuff right, I’m afraid we’ll get much of the same, which is disappointing because I hear there is a Magnum P.I. movie coming down the pike…

*I think the fire lane at the grocery store, should have spike strips that only retract when an actual fire truck or other emergency vehicle needs to use the lane for an emergency. Every time I go to the store, cars are lined bumper to bumper from one end of the store to the other using the fire lane. I’ve always said that if I was a cop, I’d spend one day per week doing nothing but going around to the grocery stores and ticketing every single person who is parked in the fire lane. No excuse. I would love to see a fire truck plow them over one day trying to park for an emergency. Actually, I’d pay to see that.

*I’ve now been a dad for almost 5 months. I used to think that I wanted at least one boy and one girl, but I’m going to be honest with you, after having a boy for 5 months, I think I’d rather just have boys. Strange…either way, being a daddy is unlike anything in the world. Hard work, yes, but extremely rewarding. I am blessed.

*I haven’t blogged in a long while. This feels good. I really do need to do it more. (Blog…;)

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