Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Concert Bucket List

For those of you who know me well, you know I enjoy music. In fact, I don't mind taking in a good concert every now and again, minding that it's someone whom I'm interested in seeing do a live show.
Now...just because I like a specific singer, doesn't mean that I'd fork over my hard earned cash to see them. Take for instance Celine Dion...I love to hear her sing, and she has one of the most amazing voices I've heard. Wouldn't want to see her in concert though. Can't tell you why, just wouldn't want to.
Now if it's someone I do want to see, I'd go see them if they weren't charging an arm and a leg for a ticket. As much as I'd like to see some people in concert, I'd probably pass on them just becasue I wouldn't want to fork over the huge amounts they ask for tickets. Take for instance The Zac Brown Band...They are coming to Sevierville this summer for a concert at Smokies Park (our minor league baseball stadium). I was pumped when I heard they'd be here, and I told my wife that I'd love to go see them. That was until I got online and looked at ticket prices...$85/per. What? I like the guys, but I don't like them enough to fork over that kind of cash.
This leads me to the topic of this blog...my concert bucket list. Most people have a "bucket list" of things they want to do before they die, and all I've done is take that concept and apply it to concerts. These are people that I'd like to see do a live show before I die. (Not that I plan to die anytime soon) These are also the few people that I'd be willing to shell out a few extra hard-earned fun tickets to see:

*James Taylor > Hopefully, this will be the first one I can mark off my list as I just found out today that James will be doing a show in Knoxville on May 23. Needless to say, I was psyched when I found this out...people like James Taylor rarely do shows in this area, and this could be a great chance to see him!

*Jimmy Buffett > I've been a Parrothead for as long as I can remember. (Which is ironic because I don't drink...which is what many of JB's songs depict) Since I first heard "Margaritaville" when I was little, I was hooked. I own pretty much every Buffett album ever recorded and I'm darn proud of it. I'd say this is a concert I'd have to at least travel to Nashville or Atlanta for, but it would be well worth it. Of course...he's more than welcome to come do a concert in E. Tennessee but we'll see how that turns out...

*Brandi Carlile > I've had the pleasure of seeing her do a small 4-song acoustic set at a local music store, but not a full blown concert. The acoustic show was out of this world, and the full concert has to be amazing. Brandi has an amazing voice and if you've never heard of her, I'd encourage you to check her out...she has a kind of "folk-rock" sound that (if you like that type of music) will blow you away.

*Bryan Adams > Probably the most "far out" of my choices as I'm less likely to see this one than the rest mainly becasue I'd have to travel a good ways to hear him sing. This guy could just sing "Summer of 69" 15 times at a show and i'd be happy...of couse, much happier if he sang a few more...

*This last space is reserved for a musician to be named later. I have always had a list of 5, but for some reason I'm drawing a blank on my last pick.

Honorable Mention:
Garth Brooks, The Zac Brown Band, Aerosmith, John Williams, The Charlie Daniels Band

There you go...my concert bucket list. Do you have one? I'd love to see you comments...who would make your bucket list? Remember, the bucket list isn't just anyone you'd like to see in concert...it's reserved for the few that you'd go out of your way to see, and pay a little more than extra to see them.

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