Friday, April 29, 2011

Hat Trick

"Well it don't it's never gonna stop...why do I have to many things on my head?" -Amy Grant

For some unknown-to-me reason, America has been literally obsessed with the royal wedding in the United Kingdom. If you haven't heard about it, you either must live in a hole, or you don't have a pulse. It's been the most annoying to me because I could care less, as I have no clue why it's of any importance to America. Like it or not though, it's been shoved down my throat...either when I turn on the TV (pretty much any station), go out in public, read the paper, or turn on the radio. The only solace I find in the maddening coverage of this event, is making fun of the strange head gear that British women feel they need to don for such an occasion. That said, I'm officially making today "make fun of British hats day." Enjoy...

Has anyone seen the wedding cake? Oh wait...

Is this a hat? It almost looks like Saturn
being sucked into a black hole... (There is also a pogo
ball joke here somewhere...)

Paint that hat black, throw a skull and some crossbones
on it, and she'll have a fantastic Pirate Hat! (See Below)

See...shazzam! Instant Pirate!

This lovely blue flying saucer came to the wedding
all the way from Area 51...and found a suitable place
to land by the looks of it.

Store sold out of ridiculous hats? No problem...just
remove the handle from your umbrella and walla!

This one wasn't bad until the blue sparklers showed

Apparently flying saucer hats with TV antennas are
all the rage in the United Kingdom.

At some point, I think these women just started
using random stuff they found laying around their
house as hats.

This must be the Space Queen and her understudy.
At what point does wearing a small canoe on your
forehead become a good idea? Or a coffee table
arrangement for that matter...

She did the best with what she had. A sand dollar and
some plastic netting.

It's all fun and games until a wild bird tries to start
mating with your hat.

Another boat and what looks like a baby rattle
Christmas ornament squeezed out of a play-dough
fun maker.

Forget the know you have too much hair
when you have the ability to wrap it around your
body as a fashion accessory.

At what point was it ever ok to place an
upside down dog bowl on your forhead,
and call it a hat? Or fashion for that
matter? Now that I think about it...
aren't hats supposed to be worn on the
top of the head? When did this forehead
thing start?

In closing...I'll say that these British folks don't lack in the creativity department. They sure have big imaginations and they aren't afraid to show them...hope you enjoyed my lighthearted look at these "fashion disasters!"

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