Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun on Friday!

I thought I'd take today and throw together some interesting tidbits, I've either seen out and about, or run across on the Internet...maybe I'll turn it into an every Friday tradition...who knows, but here goes...Fun on Friday...edition one!

*I was checking out Fox News today, and ran across a headline that I had to read 4 or 5 times before I actually gave in to the fact that I had read it correctly the first time. I thought it would be better for you to actually see it for yourself, rather than me type it up, so here it is...

I don't know about you, but somebody is having fun writing some headlines can't make that stuff up. The story itself while sad, is one of those freak stories that like the headline, are hard to make up. If curiosity is getting the best of you, follow THIS link to the actual story from Fox News and

*I had breakfast for lunch yesterday at work. Pancakes and sausage. No, I didn't cook them here, I decided to try out Aunt Jemima's frozen breakfast, consisting of 3 pancakes and 2 sausage links. It looked good, so I thought I'd give it a try, thinking "how hard is it to get breakfast wrong?" Well, long story short, Auntie J delivered on the pancakes, however I feel I got the short end of the stick with the sausage links. Here is a picture...note the sausage in the picture on the cover, and compare it with the sausage in the box.

Is it me, or do you get the same feeling I do regarding getting jipped on the sausage links. (For the record, the pancakes were wonderful)

*A couple of days ago, I was on my way home from work, and ended up behind a van with an advertisement on the side for a carpet cleaner. The picture on the side of the van, depicted a man, and a woman, laying together on the carpet, looking longingly into each others eyes, and the caption read "Fall in Love With Your Carpet...Again."
Thanks, but I don't think I fell in love with my carpet to begin with. Did those two in the picture I wondered? If so, why? Where? And just what did this carpet have to offer?

*I think it's just hit me this week, what it means to be a parent, and how much different it is than it once was. It came to me when I was talking to my wife on the phone, and realized that instead of asking about how her day was and what all she was doing, I was asking things like " his poop look today? Normal?" It almost made me want to write a book titled "You know your a parent when..."

*I'm sure by now, you've all seen the ads for the High Definition sunglasses they are hawking on TV infomercials now. They are called "HD Aviators" and apparently for one reason or another, they are all the rage. Something caught me as funny though while watching the commercial. They guy in the ad, wearing the sunglasses, looks at the camera and says, "'s like I'm seeing in High Definition now!
Hey sherlock...we all see in high def, unless we are blind. Walk outside...BANG...high definition. After all, isn't that the point of HD?? So the TV can look more life-like? It reminds me of the people who are obsessed with 3-D glasses and movies...same concept...walk outside. It's all the 3D and HD one person can handle and more.
Geez...these people need to get out more.

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