Monday, September 12, 2011

Boris Said What??

Apparently there is a NASCAR driver named Boris Said. I personally am not a fan of NASCAR, opting instead for the open wheel feats of F-1 and Indycar, so I'm not intricately familiar with him, however I loath him simply because his name screws with my head.
It must have taken me 3-4 random articles mentioning the guy to figure out that his last name was actually "Said."
I spent way too much time trying to figure out sentences like this:

"Boris Said in altercation with Greg Biffle." Boris said what? What did he say in this altercation? I want to know???
"The only person available for comment was Boris Said." What? Said who? Who said Boris was the only one available?

You can see where this can become mind boggling. At first you think it's just some typo where some writer didn't proofread, but the more you see it, it really throws you for a loop...or at least it throws me for a loop, being someone who isn't really familiar with NASCAR outside of the normal household names.

Either way, Boris said something...

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